The glow of the message from Ubiaruko got to the areas of Abraka in the early 1950. This is to be expected in the view of the proximity of Abraka to Ubiaruko. However, when Pastor Osekete left the Bible school, the fire appeared to have been extinguished, but by God’s Divine intervention, the late Elder Amanze and Okwuadigbo were to re-ignite the fire of the advent message. They established a worship centre at Pama Rubber Camp, Urhuoka Abraka. Some of the first indigenous converts in this church was late Moses Luke and Elder Wilson Abovwe. Moses Luke became the first Delta Indigene to be admitted to the Adventist Nursing college, lle-Ife. He also gave the parcel of the land where the church in Ubiaruko is built. The Nigerian civil war disrupted worship at the Urhuoka Abiaka Church. When the war finally came to an end, God had in place, His hand maiden Mama Akabuogu , a great woman of God Who had come to Urhuoka Abraka from Sapele. She gave her house for worship and the message spread from this worship place to Abraka main town in 1986. The worship in Abraka main town was in the residence of Mrs Urhuoka. Abraka district currently has one organised church and 166 baptized members.