The Church in Asaba like what happened in Warri setup came from the then East Nigerian Mission with headquarters in Aba. The activities of the Church started in 1947 with Mrs Ojogwu and Family. Mrs Betty, Late Elder Ihesiulo, Elder Nwigwe and Family and Elder Johnson and Family. In 1978 the Church was absorbed by the defunct Bendel Mission under the leadership of P.C. Chima. Unfortunately, form 1987-1990, the church suffered massive movement of members from Asaba due to unemployment. This lead to the temporal extinction of the church. But 1991, when Elder Mokweyen relocated from Benin to Asaba, worship was Nwigwe. The pastor to Asaba, worship was resumed in Mrs. Ojogwu’s house. The first set of converts in Asaba include: Late Elder Ojogwu, Late Elder Ihesiulo and Elder Nwigwe. The pastor to Asaba over the years are: Pastors Okei Okonkwo, C. Ogah, B. N. Kalu, D.D. kimia, G. Umhebaita, A. G. E. Emurotu, and B. O. Ibhiedu. Asaba membership still stands at 236.