The church in DSC started in 1983   with a two week evangelistic program conducted by the then Warri District Leader, Pastor S.O. Gbenedio. The church was formerly called Ovwian Church. The only members who late R. Amurhe and His little brother, joseph. Few months later, Elder R. Idehen who joined. But by this, the few members who joined the church through the two-week evangelism. This effort resulted to the coming together of about twelve young people. Some of these young people were; Sunday Badah, Freedom Badah, Roland Mukoro, Benson, Alade and Henry. E.F. Adeyemi also joined about this time. The church later relocated from Ovwian Primary School to an apartment rented by Warri district AWM for Nusery/ primary School. While in that place of worship, Late Barry Ogwu, Zakari Lawal, Elder Onoruivwe, Pius Biabor and Samuel Ogbor joined the group. By the combined efforts of these members and E.F. Adeyemi, the land where the DSC Church is built was given to the Church by Delta Steel Company. The first Pastor to DSC was Pastor Joshua I. Arebun followed by Pastor Lucky Echebue, Dean Ozakpo and Pastor DSC District has two organized churches and two companies.