The church at Orogun started in 1960 by Retired Pastor Simeon Okan-Gbenedio who was then civil servant under the Ministry of Agric. Pastor Gbenedio was a student of Voice of Prophesy at Ibadan. In the 1961, VOP ducked Pastor L. O. Osekete Who then stationed at Ajagbodudu to visit S. O. Gbenedio for the purpose of uniting him with the Church of God. At the end of their interaction Pastor Gbenedio accepted the faith and started to spread the Advent message to every nook and cranny of Ughelli, Where he worked as officer of Ministry of Agriculture. Pastor S. O. Gbenedio finally left the Government employment for full Gospel Ministry via Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA).Some of the first convent Orogun were; Jacob, Joseph, Philip, All of the family of Ighoroje, Ebioke Felix, James Urueya, Johnson Oteri, Madam Ogodobo Oriavweta and Samuel Ntigoruku. These people were prepared for six years before they were baptized. The first baptism in Orogun took place in December 17, 1966. Orogun presently has one organized Church and three companies with total Membership of 318.